> What changes do you need to implement with Fridrich?

Hey David,

I've been thinking about a number of things.  Here are the ones I 
want to learn most

1) go fast-fast
- Though people advocate slow-fast, I think for 15.xx and faster 
times you have to just go really really fast.  I've only averaged 
sub-16 twice, but both times I tried to literally go as fast as 
possible and just hope I would recognize.  I'm trying to get good at 
going faster during F2L, yet still recognize.

2) Master using Xcross and opposite cross
- If I can get my odds for using Xcross up to 33%, and I am equally 
as comfortable solving either white or yellow, then my odds for an 
Xcross are the odds for getting either a white or yellow Xcross.  If 
each face is 33% then I have a 1-(2/3)^2=5/9=55.56% chance of 
getting an Xcross.  And what's better is the more I learn for 
Xcross, the more often I can solve with it on both faces rather than 
just one.

3) flow
- Macky talks about this a lot, I try to always follow each move 
with the next one that flows best.  I may choose a longer F2L alg 
just since the shorter one doesn't flow well, etc..

4) learn new algs for my slow cases
- some of my algs stink, and I just simply need to not be lazy and 
fix them.

5) belive I can do it
- I took an average today that was 16.04 seconds with a +2 penalty 
on one of my counting solves.  Had it not been +2, it would have 
been a new pb average record.  All I did different is to just 
think, "I'm better than [insert my previous goals, ideas of what a 
good time is, etc.] and this average will show that."

I think a lot of cubing is in our heads.  Just stop telling yourself 
that your current good times are good enough, but that 1 second 
faster is a what a good time is.  If you change your view like this, 
you will try harder to achieve your new good times.  You don't have 
to go overboad, just drop your current good times by 0.5 second or 
no higher than 1.0 second and see what happens.

Just my $0.02 of course,

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