I think I have an explanation for the unresolved zd1211rw failure 
reports (rello, remco, a couple of others) that are floating around.

With zd1211rw, my ZD1211B device cannot connect to my network when 
encryption is enabled. Well, it can associate, but data tx/rx does not 
work. The vendor driver works OK. Remember that zd1211rw does all 
encryption and decryption in software (for now), whereas the vendor 
driver does it all in hardware.

My other device (an original ZD1211) works fine, but I'm not so sure 
that this is a ZD1211 vs ZD1211B thing.

I investigated the problem with my ZD1211B. The software-encrypted frame 
is being sent, is being acknowledged, and encrypted data frames are sent 
in response. However, the ZD1211B does not "see" the ACK (gives me a 
retry failed interrupt), and does not see any of the response frames (at 
least does not upload them to the host in any way).

The reason that association works (which obviously involves frame 
exchage) is because management frames are unencrypted. Also, connecting 
to unencrypted networks works just fine.

I have emailed a detailed report to ZyDAS. I don't think they will do 
anything with it. The best approach to solving this is for us to do 
encryption/decryption in hardware, which is done simply by uploading the 
keys to the device and marking non-management frames to be encrypted (I 
think) -- any volunteers? ;)

Any testing appreciated: does zd1211rw work with your ZD1211B device 
when connecting to encrypted networks? (remember to test more than just 


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