Remco wrote:
> One thing that caught my eye was that Tx defaulted to ~1Mb/s and Rx seemed to 
> adapt to the maximum speed possible.
> I was able to change Tx with iwconfig. However there seem  to be 
> circumstances 
> where Tx falls back to its lowest setting and I've been unable to get it back 
> to a higher rate without a reboot. (init 2 / init 3 seem to trigger this, but 
> restarting the network might do it as well. I didn't observe anything strange 
> in the logs)

RX speed is not controlled by the driver, it is controlled by the other 
end, although (depending on algorithms used) I guess the TX rate in the 
opposite direction might have some influence.

Please file a bug at for the "Tx falls back 
to its lowest setting" issue. This is a softmac bug. Assign to 


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