Grr.. I can't get my ZD1211B connecting to unencrypted networks and 
don't have any logs showing it ever worked. I must have made a mistake 
in my earlier analysis (left the ethernet cable in or something!) -- I 
am no longer sure that this is a bug related to packets encrypted in 

rello wrote:
> So no SoftMac in next driver relase?


> OK in 2/3 days I'll finish my exams and I can come back testing new
> driver relases both on PPC and x86 machines.
> Hardware encryption modifications will be still applied to the main
> wireless kernel tree or you'll relase some patches?

They will go into the out-of-tree git repositories controlled by myself 
and Ulrich. I will send patches onto John when ready, who will send them 
on to Jeff who will send them on to Linus :)


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