(I noticed I still had this mail sitting in my queue. It's the result of some 
minimal testing. I hope it's not old news. BTW I'm temporarily no longer in 
possession of a zd1211 device so I can't try out anything for now)

> > Any testing appreciated: does zd1211rw work with your ZD1211B device
> > when connecting to encrypted networks? (remember to test more than just
> > associating...)
> ... With linux-2.6.18-rc1 / wpa_supplicant 0.4.8 (no patches) ...
> Once there is a connection it seems stable, getting connected seems to be
> the problem. Unfortunately I haven't spotted any failures in the logs so
> far.

I do not recall any connection failures anymore using linux-2.6.18-rc4 / 
wpa_supplicant 0.4.8.

I decided to use netio to get an impression of the performance.
The (maximum) performance seems to be half of that of the vendor driver.
(~1.3 MB/s <-> ~2.5 MB/s)

One thing that caught my eye was that Tx defaulted to ~1Mb/s and Rx seemed to 
adapt to the maximum speed possible.
I was able to change Tx with iwconfig. However there seem  to be circumstances 
where Tx falls back to its lowest setting and I've been unable to get it back 
to a higher rate without a reboot. (init 2 / init 3 seem to trigger this, but 
restarting the network might do it as well. I didn't observe anything strange 
in the logs)

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