Matthieu CASTET wrote:
> I use a small program to dump the memory :
> I compared the eeprom state before and after firmware load.
> I notice only 0xffe9-0xffff changed.
> Also 0xfff7-0xffff where like memory address (and of course 
> LOAD_VECT_SIZE = 0x10000 - 0xfff7 in driver).
> May be I shouldn't have given these names : the bootloader image
> (zd1211_ub) have vector at the beginning. Then there is 0xe unknow words
> (LOAD_CODE_SIZE). And the bootloader firmware image end at 0xffe8.
> What I know is that at 0xfff7-0xffff there some interrupt vectors and
> that 0xffe9-0xfff6 is 0xe unknow words.

Thanks for looking into all that. This just started happening on one of 
my devices (ZD1211B) - it cannot survive a rmmod/insmod cycle without me 
having to unplug it. Same problem with the vendor driver. Same for reboots.

So, I researched the whole address space thing a bit further. I don't 
completely agree with the info above:
  - I think the load code comes before the load vector, but don't have
    solid evidence for this
  - I don't know why you think the bootloader firmware image ends at
    ffe8. My zd1211b_ub file is 4018 bytes, thats 0x7d9 words, i.e.
    it ends at 0xffd9. However, code in the vendor driver suggests it
    goes all the way up to cINT_VECT_ADDR (0xfff5).
  - As hinted above I believe the interrupt vector begins at 0xfff5

I agree that checking this point in the interrupt vector is sensible. It 
would be cool if we could check the firmware version or something like 
that, but the position of this data depends upon the word at 0x1d in the 
firmware, and we don't know whether the firmware is uploaded at this 

I reworked your patch slightly, and put it in the address-space branch 
of my git tree.

As you suggested, at some point we should improve this further to reset 
the firmware and upload the one on the host system in this situation. 
Right now this doesn't really matter because we're compatible with all 
firmware releases.


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