On Mon, 25 Sep 2006 22:28:43 -0400, Daniel Drake wrote:

> Can you explain where you got the magic numbers from, e.g. 
I use a small program to dump the memory :

I compared the eeprom state before and after firmware load.
I notice only 0xffe9-0xffff changed.
Also 0xfff7-0xffff where like memory address (and of course 
LOAD_VECT_SIZE = 0x10000 - 0xfff7 in driver).

May be I shouldn't have given these names : the bootloader image
(zd1211_ub) have vector at the beginning. Then there is 0xe unknow words
(LOAD_CODE_SIZE). And the bootloader firmware image end at 0xffe8.

What I know is that at 0xfff7-0xffff there some interrupt vectors and
that 0xffe9-0xfff6 is 0xe unknow words.

>> PS : I fear in my patch I have an endian issue when I compare the 
>> "reset_vector".
> Correct, I don't think that will work on BE
A le16_to_cpu should solve the problem. Yes I need to redo the patch...


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