Jon Smirl wrote:
> I'm interested in using a zd1211 dongle in an embedded application. To
> do this I need to have the links working reliably and to construct
> some kind of network out of 12 devices without an access point
> present. I can spend some time working on the driver to achieve this,
> but I have limited 802.11 knowledge. I just bought a book on the low
> level protocols and I'm reading it.
> Target is an ARM CPU. One decision I need to make is if I can use a
> USB 1.0 host or if I have to have USB 2.0. If I can do something like
> set the 11g rate to 18Mb and then max out USB 1.0 at 12Mb, that would
> be all the bandwidth I need. The effective 5Mb throughput of 11b is
> too low. I also need to work out some form of pretty reliable
> multicast.
> Where is wireless-dev branch? Here's the one I am using.
> [EMAIL PROTECTED]:/extra/zd1211rw$ cat .git/remotes/origin
> URL:

That is Ulrich's tree, not mine. But you shouldn't be using the git 
tree, as it has known problems with signal strength handling. The 
current "good" setup is either or John Linville's wireless-2.6.git.

If you are interested in solving the performance problems, I already 
posted some advice here:


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