On 2/5/07, Jon Smirl <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> The zd1211 based Gigafast USB dongles does not appear to be properly
> shielded. If I get my Dlink wifi link dongle too close to the Gigafast
> one, the Gigafast one starts receiving all kinds of spurious packets,
> There is no effect in the other direction.

I've been playing around with this some more and I'm starting to
wonder if it is software related. Under monitor mode I am receiving
thousands of junk packets, I don't get these in managed mode. Is the
radio programmed in exactly the same way for monitor and managed

One way to explain what is happening would be that the radio
sensitivity is much higher under monitor mode that managed. Another
explanation would be that the hardware is able to separate noise
packets from good ones in managed mode and not in monitor mode.

Searching around with google I see reports of people trying to use
kismet with zd1211 having this same problem.

Another data point, if I put a rt2500 based device in the same
location in monitor mode, I don't see the junk packets.

Jon Smirl

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