Jon Smirl wrote:
> On 2/5/07, Jon Smirl <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> The zd1211 based Gigafast USB dongles does not appear to be properly
>> shielded. If I get my Dlink wifi link dongle too close to the Gigafast
>> one, the Gigafast one starts receiving all kinds of spurious packets,
>> There is no effect in the other direction.
> I've been playing around with this some more and I'm starting to
> wonder if it is software related. Under monitor mode I am receiving
> thousands of junk packets, I don't get these in managed mode. Is the
> radio programmed in exactly the same way for monitor and managed
> modes?

I think in managed mode the firmware in the stick insists that valid 
packets are marked up with either the AP or your MAC address, or some 
similar strict regime.

I have also seen in monitor mode nearby transmissions on different 
channels (!) turning up on another channel intermittently, I think the 
strength of the local transmissions craps on the receiving action in a 
direct way because of the closeness.  The filtering implicit in the 
non-promisc receive mode just hides it I believe.


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