Daniel Drake wrote:

Hi Daniel -

>> I think in managed mode the firmware in the stick insists that valid 
>> packets are marked up with either the AP or your MAC address, or some 
>> similar strict regime.
>> I have also seen in monitor mode nearby transmissions on different 
>> channels (!) turning up on another channel intermittently, 
> This is normal and happens on almost all consumer 802.11 hardware (i.e. 

Sure, no doubt it happens on the expensive stuff too.

> devices with inexpensive radios). It's related to both physical 
> proximity of the monitoring device to the transmitting one, and also due 
> to the 'resolution' of the radio and the fact that (e.g.) channel 3 is 
> right next to channel 4 in the spectrum and the radio isn't quite good 
> enough to distinguish between them 100% of the time.

In my particular case it was ch11 vs ch 2 FWIW.  You could even see the 
beacons from ch11 on ch2 occasionally with tcpdump.

Soft or firmware filtering against the MACs in the packets made 
everything important go away outside of monitor mode, so it makes no odds.


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