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> Hi Hin-Tak
>  zd1211rw 1-1:1.0: couldn't load firmware. Error number
> -110
> Thats all i could get from looking at that page. Where do i
> look for the
> error codes please.
> Many Thanks,

-110 is timed out, possibly something to do with USB... do you have multiple 
host driver loaded (lsmod | grep 'hci'), etc? The firmware should be in 
/lib/firmware/zd1211/ , and should have permission 644. 

There is also the possibility that the USB socket on your computer (assuming 
your zd1211 is external) is underpowered/off-spec. I think it would say so in 
dmesg in such case. (bus-powered devices sometimes draw too much electricity 
and requires a main-powered usb hub in the middle between your computer and the 
device to work). Somebody encountered such a problem:

BTW, it is ubuntu 8.10 (the 10 is for October release - there was an April 8.04 
release), not 8.1. 

BTW, I don't have anything to do with the rw driver - I use and fix up the 
vendor driver myself because I need AP mode. It does the job on the caveate 
that the vendor code is fairly 32-bit and also small-endian specific, and also 
the machine can lock up after 3-5 days. I am just listening in to the traffic 
to see when the rw driver provides AP mode...  


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