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> I didnt know 8.10 meant october, thanks for the explanation
> :) I presume the
> 8, bit is the year then

Yes. Ubuntu are doing half-yearly releases <year>.<month>. HPLIP (printig 
driver) has a similiar release naming system - it was 1.x.y, then 
2.<year>.<month> . 

> I dont believe there to be anything wrong with the power
> although good
> thought.   The card was working fine in
> Winblows XP.

same machine dual boot? Otherwise the fact that it works in winxp is irrelevant.

> Atm looking through nautilus, Owner is Root, Folder access
> is Create and
> delete and no permissions for file access.
> Do i set the file access to read and write?

No you can't... Nautilus doesn't see to allow su/sudo...
> Sorry to ask, i dont want to cock up the files in the
> directory by granting
> read and write access.

644 is read-write for owner (root) and read-only for the rest of the world.


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