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> Hi again,
> Thanks for suplying that, all actioned and ive still got
> the -110 error, so
> good try.  Must admit this is bugging the hell out of
> me, seems no one knows
> what the problem is.  I appreciate you trying
> considering your not one of
> the devs.  If you or anyone else has anymore ideas
> that would be great.

Well, my zd1211b worked out of the box with fedora... (as a client, but I 
needed it to work as AP on slackware, which is why I use the vendor driver 
instead, and which is unrelated).

Debian/Unbuntu seems to ship both the in-kernel driver and the community-based 
driver, which may be a source of conflict. Have you looked and make sure you do 
not have two zd1211 driver module entries, etc, 
loaded in your lsmod,
and your dmesg? and make sure you have your blackmail list in order? 

In your  /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist , you should have 

blacklist zd1211
blacklist zd1211b

to disable the community driver. (the in-kernel driver is zd1211rw).
and you can disable the in-kernel driver by putting in an entry 
"blacklist zd1211rw"

> Do you know of a way i can get in touch with a dev? if we
> think we could be
> at a stage to do so?

You could give the vendor driver or the community driver a try (there are 3 
driver for zd1211). All the dev of zd1211rw is on this list, so if they are not 
responding, there isn't much to do.

The other options are to switch to fedora (because the John Linville, the 
kernel wireless maintainer, works for redhat, fedora is particularly strong for 
wireless networking in general), try compat-wireless (go to 
http://linuxwireless.org/), or post to the linuxwireless mailing list. (again 
linuxwireless.org). But so far your question/problem isn't quite the level for 
the linuxwireles mailing list yet. You probably should at least give 
compat-wireless a try - when you will probably learn some diagnostic tips on 
the way in doing so - before you ask questions there.


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