Assalamo Alaykom brothers,

I'm trying to add an offline recitation to my Zekr resources. I'm
using Ubuntu 10.10, and should be having every thing running smooth.

But every time i download a from Zekr website
and try to follow the mentioned method there to add this recitation, I
receive errors.

So far, I've downloaded Hudhaifi recitation file twice, and Minshawi
recitation file once, and all gave me errors at different points while
the import process is running.

When i tried to import the Hudhaifi file, I received this error while
it was importing the file "Loading recitation 'hudhaifi-32kbps-' failed because of the following error: invalid LOC header (bad signature) ",
afterwards the import process stopped.

And when i tried to import the file of Menshawy, i received this
message during the import process " Unexpected
end of ZLIB input stream". and after pressing the OK button, the
import is being aborted.

Anybody help please, cause I'm sad that I cannot make this great
software to recite.

Thanks in advance.

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