Assallamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

there is some miss typed in this indonesian translation by Departemen Agama 

how can people contribute for correcting the miss typed translation?

thank you very much for your attention

On Thursday, July 26, 2012 8:27:10 AM UTC+7, Mirza Rachmad Pratama wrote:
> Assalamu'alaikum...
> Hi, I'm Mirza Rachmad P. I from Malang, Indonesia.
> Alhamdulillah, an updated version of Zekr is now available. I have 
> prepared a new translation, The Al-Jalalayn Commentary in Indonesian 
> Language (Bahasa Indonesia). I have compressed that file, named 
> (which I have attached here). That translation just 
> need signature.
> Also, the Indonesian translation of the Quran ( 
> At the "localized name" and "name" written "unknown", when it should be :
> *localizedName=Al-Qur'an dan Terjemahnya - Departemen Agama RI*
> *name=Al-Quran and Translation - Ministry of Religious Affairs RI*
> According to the "Al-Qur'an dan Terjemahnya" published by *King Fahd 
> Complex for the Printing of Holy Quran* and *Yayasan Penyelenggara 
> Penterjemah Al-Quran Departemen Agama RI* (The Quran Translators 
> Organizers Foundation - Ministry of Religious Affairs of the Republic of 
> Indonesia)
> Thanks for your attention, and Wassalamu'alaikum...
> Mirza Rachmad P.

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