On Friday, August 11, 2006 Michael wrote:
>Bill, I can't help but think you're angry about something.

'SNIDE' REPLY:  If you sat more you might be able to help yourself keep from
thinking negative things about others.  Let's see.  I think I read something
in a book somewhere about 'projection'; but I just can't remember what it
was - and I threw that book away.  Darn!  

POLITE REPLY:  I'm not angry, just playful.  I like to use references to
previous posts to provide a background for some of my remarks in current
posts.  I believe it brings continuity to the posts and helps me express
what I think is a very important point about zen and books.  And besides,
it's just my writing style, my posting style.  All of this is pretty
impromptu stuff.  It's fun.

>Do you care to share, or are
>we going to be reading your snide comments from now until who knows when?

I do care to share; that's why I post.  I'll stop using your name as a
reference to books and zen, but I can't promise you they'll be no more snide
(I prefer 'pithy') comments .

>It's time to get out of the past Bill.  I'm not there.  Why are you?

I'm lurking here in the past trolling for snide comments.  Looks like I just
got a bite!

It's almost midnight where I am, so now I'm REALLY going to bed.  I'll check
my trolling line again in the morning

Buenas Noches...Bill!

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