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> >First Bill! wrote:
> >> In the first scenario resulted in the candidate is
> >> dismissed. In the second
> >> scenario the candidate is hired.
> And then Serge wrote:
> Before I start I want to thank you for posting.  We need more posts 
> stimulate good action on this forum.  I want to say ahead of time 
> tearing your post apart not out of any malice towards you, but just 
> I enjoy responding with my perspectives on zen.
> >Very logical answer!
> Actually it's not an answer based on logic at all.  It's an answer 
based on
> observation (in this case reading).  There is nothing to deduce.  
This is
> the essence of zen.  Nothing hidden, nothing complex, just here and 
> just this.

I am in complete agreement with this no-nonsense, non-mystical 
approach.  I would just like to add a little bit more about "just 
this" which is that it is just this, without clinging.  Without 
clinging to anything, but especially not clinging to self, views of 
self, self in this, this as self, or self as other than this. 

The way this dovetails with this thread is that "plain observation" 
lets what is in the moment be just what it is, and does not mix 
interpretation into it, like milk into flour, where they become 
indistinguishable.  Where there is interpretation, it is recognized 
as interpretation, and left unmixed.  

Thank you

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