What I wrote was indeed simplistic, but that's because it's a very simple


I know of course that many Christians are homophobic.  Some are racist. 
There are probably many Jews, Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists that are also
homophobic and/or racist.  That's not the point.


All zen sanghas are open to all people.  If there are groups that call
themselves sanghas but limit or focus their membership on a specific group
and are not open to all people, then they are not a zen sangha.  If you find
such a sangha - like a gay/lesbian zen sangha or a White/Black/Asian zen
sangha or women/men-only sangha you should run away, run away.


It's as simple as that.




Curt Wrote:

This is overly simplistic. In theory what is said here should also apply 

to Christians - and yet many Christian individuals and many Christian 

churches are extremely homophobic.

- Curt


Bill Smart wrote:

All zen sanghas are for all people. I have never heard of any zen 

group that restricts or focuses its membership on any specific 

classification of people. To do so would be to reinforce the erroneous 

idea that Buddha nature or the way to realize it is not the same in 

all people. Like all communities, there are some that have a larger 

percentage of certain types of people. Maybe there are some sanghas 

that have a higher percentage of gays/lesbians than others. I don't 

know. Hopefully someone else on the Forum will have some more specific 



Wanghualia_5 wrote:

I am Gay, and I practice zazen. Is there any sangha or Zen Temple for 


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