I don't disagree with your conclusion, but isn't most of everything in
America smoke and mirrors?  Such as Christianity, Islam, Democracy,
Capitalism, Socialism, Personal Freedom, Human Rights, etc.

The American expression of Zen is no different than these; but, like all of
these, if you look hard enough you can find at least a vestige of the
original intent.



Pascal posted:

I have been reading this old thread, and I have to agree with it to some
Without the 1960s drug culture, Zen would never have gotten a foothold here
in America. 
It is very telling that the various Zen masters that are around are hardly
more than bullshit artists. I was reading some Brad Warner stuff, and this
guy has to be the epitome of bullshit. 
So, while I believe that meditation is good, and I enjoy reading the old Zen
books, I think most of it is smoke and mirrors here in America.

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