Most zen groups do practice zen and an expression of Buddhism.  There have
been hard-core Christians (the Catholic monk Tomas Merton comes to mind)
that have incorporated zen into their expression of Christianity.  Of course
there's lot of examples of non-sectarian zen practitioners - Alan Watts is
an example.


For me zen is not inextricably associated with any religion.  I practice zen
without associating it with Buddhism, but when I talk about zen I find
Buddhism terms fit more easily than Christian terms.  But that is not a hard
and fast rule.


If zen can be associated with motorcycle maintenance I don't know why it
couldn't be associated with Satanism.  But, in the end, you eventually have
to realize the Satan you're worshiping is your self.




Demunin_kahn wrote:

I have always been a student of the occult, and I was wondering about
setting up a Satanic Zen Temple, where people could do zazen and then
participate in Wiccan Rituals and worship Satanus with me. 

Has anyone heard of variant Zen Temples that participate in non-Buddhist

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