Hi Frazier,

I am not sure you are making a statement or a question.  Allow me to respond as 

It takes awareness of our five skadha to be detached from all forms.  This 
awareness if a state of calmness without any effort. 

Contentment is not satisfaction and not joy.  Contentment is a state of 
want-nothing.  No different than the state of calmness and awareness.

There is no conflicting forces.  Because there is no force in being calm and 
aware.  It is the state of mid-way. Or Ding in Chinese.

Only then we could be in sync with the universal wisdom and inline with all the 
future "causes".


Frazier <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:                               donald hwong 
if we could put our best foot forward to let go our 
 reaction to the effects of all existing forms, not be affected by it, 
 just accept as is, we end our suffering.
 Putting our best foot forward (effort), and contentment are almost 
 contrary motivations. 
 It is difficult to be content and yet to care and to try?

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