Hi Al,

When we are in sync with the universal life force and wisdom, we are one with 
the One.  We become the One. 

We would be able to flow in the Big River without hinder naturally course.

Determination, desire, ambition are human framework, which is but a tiny 
framework of the universal framework.

Chan is to be with the whole and NOT be just partial.

In order to reach that stage, we begin by empty the mind and let go of the ego 
and most importantly cultivate our Chi. Without the Chi, there is no life 
force. Without life force, or just sit, meditation becomes just a mental 
balancing act, we called it Withered Chan.

Meditate and don't think.


Al <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:                               From: "donald 
hwong" <> Contentment is not satisfaction and not joy.
 Contentment is a state of want-nothing. >>if we could put our best foot
 forward to let go our
 >  reaction to the effects of all existing forms, not be affected by it,
 >  just accept as is, we end our suffering.>>
 If we want nothing, then why will we want to put our best foot forward? I
 think if Buddhism had become the predominant religion of the world, we would
 all be living in huts and caves right now.
 That might not be a bad thing, but to some degree buddhism is demotivating
 and defuses desire, ambition, determination, perseverence, and many other
 qualities that are essential for success in society. Is Buddhism for people
 who are vegetables, or is it just a tool to reduce stress?

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