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During the retreat at UCSB over the Labor Day weekend, this question were asked 
- how do we practice the "detachment of forms".

Here is my practice to share with you. Please be aware that anything written is 
partial and incomplete.

Form means every phenomenon, physical formation, language, words, taste, smell, 
etc. that are noticeable by our five senses.  And theses forms are the results 
or "effects" of some causes, which are past and invisible.

Our body, other people, merchandises, food, written and spoken words, sickness, 
death, loss of work or loved ones are all the end results of some invisible 
causes.  These causes are usually caused by other causes.

While we humans tend to compare, make judgment, react to visible forms such as 
these, we often forgot to examine the true cause and causes of causes of these 
"end-results". It often too late to react to something already "surfaced" or 

It is said, "Buddha is afraid of causes, sentient beings are afraid of effects."

As we focus on the present moment, it is the universal Chi flow of that moment 
we need to sync to.  Then we are in sync with  the causes of future moments.  
Then we are in harmony with the universal life force, instead of trying to 
affect it, or trying  to improve it.  If we practice diligently, we may even 
one day manifest through it.

At the same time, if we could put our best foot forward to let go our reaction 
to the effects of all existing forms, not be affected by it, just accept as is, 
we end our suffering.

DaLai Lama said, "It is not happiness, but contentment of every moment....."


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