I also think there is a cultural gap in koans, especially if you try to just 
translate and contemplate them as they are. 
  I suspect it is both the culture and the language. Not sure about issues 
cited in previous post (below).... 
  While some may find value the koans them, I sit instead.
  I also find them entertaining and meaningful in their having been a major zen 
path in the east. If we were to culturally translate them into western zen, an 
interest of mine, some of them may well be worded different or take as their 
players, different types of metaphor/characters.
  Some koans, like 'two girls are walking down the road, which is older?' do 
well in any setting, and serve to put that rip in conceptual thinking that we 
all seem to find worthwhile.
  [ zen videos in all in one place ]

          I realize that there are many interesting stories about Zen Koans. I 
found it to be very entertaining reading.

However, some of the koans make me wonder if they do not have to be
interpreted based on a culture of alcoholism and illiteracy which existed
back in those days? Some of those stories only make sense if the people
involved had been drinking heavily.


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