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> --- Just be with the smell of shit till i can get off. This is the
> reality of the situation. Maybe offer the guy a few kind words, I
> could only imagine his mortification. Guy

There is no guy on the train.  There is no train.  Get it?  This is just a  
mental construct.

But it could be a mental construct that is positive or good.  Sure sh-t  
happens.  However,
because we have minds, we also have choices to make about everything we  
and how we choose to experience...

On both a Zen and Quantum level, we have the power to form the  
universe...when we
can select a positive choice we recreate the world of resulting changes  
that are positive.
It is a gradual and ongoing process, not a singularity event.

What we deem to be good or bad is often very subjective, very brief and in  
our ignorance
we fail to see the development of character and experience that provide us  
with enriched
lives and the next layer of choices, etc., etc., if in doubt, start again  
with the Eight-fold
path and progress from there...this is after all, a Zen forum, and Zen is  
established on the
basis of Buddhism.  Buddhism addresses the essential dilemna of suffering,  
duality, ignorance and
spiritual progress via the Eightfold Path.  We are bound most by our  
mental constructs than we are the
world itself.  Liberation is a necessary step toward enlightenment, and  
that comes only after we
give up our attachments to false belief and false desires.  Determining  
the ultimate reality of
our existence is the basic and difficult daily work.  It is easy to trap  
oneself in the illusion of the
world, and to spin fearful constructs based on "if."  Our lives take on  
greater meaning when we understand that
happiness depends less on what we think we want, and realize that it  
occurs most naturally to those
without expectation who delight in the moment of here and now, and delight  
in the joy or
surprise of others.

The sound of one hand clapping sometimes is the moment when we slap our  
foreheads and exclaim:

"Oh, Jeez, I have been such an idiot -- the solution has been in front of  
me all along!"

That is why my forehead has such big creases in it.



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