Dear pandabananasock,

This is a very rare subject to be discussed in an online forum, because each school teaches differently and teachings beyond everyday lives are either  not addressed or lost in the linage.  Often these discussions could be categorized as samsara or even witchcraft.  Until a practitioner can witness some spiritual connection in the karma domain, subject matters such as this are difficult to digest, or even sometimes hinder the progress of the practice.

To help you with these phenomenon, not only the concepts of karma need to be addressed, a dedicated, Chi oriented practice is a must.  Spiritual phenomenon have reasonable causes also.  Because they are invisible by nature, an  invisible answer, such as those based on karma and Chi are difficult to be accepted by our logical mind.   It is hard for us to be completely open mind and not judgmental.

In a few days, if there is no posting about this subject.  I will write you a private one, if you are interested to explore further.

pandabananasock wrote:

Okay, this might be a moderately long post, but keep faith that I will relate it to zen
practice by the end. That being said:

Sleep paralysis (hereinafter referred to as "SP") is something I experience occasionally.
Anyone else get this? About five times annually since the teenage years, within usually
minutes of falling asleep but sometimes in the middle of the night, I wake up paralyzed
but oriented (knowing exactly where I am, who I am, when I am, etc.) with the most
intense fear I have experienced in my life so far. All I know when it is happening is I can't
because I can definitely tell something or someone is in the room, and it might just try to
"get" me. I am absolutely positive that these are not nightmares - I am awake and lucid,
even able to feel the bed and hear sounds in the room - and within seconds of it
beginning I recognize that it is SP and think "Oh God, not again!" Like most people, if I
wake up in the middle of the night I can get up and walk out of the room without light
because I know where everything is in the room. SP is no different, except there is an
extra entity in the room, and it is apparently malevolent. Inside my mind, I am FRANTIC,
trying to kick and scream and throw any muscle I can in any direction, anything I can do to
just get "unlocked" and run like hell... but on the outside, I can tell that I am motionless
and silent, and I feel like a "sitting duck". After about thirty seconds, I can open my eyes,
quickly sit up, and whatever I was afraid of is gone. If I go right back to sleep, I will
experience the same thing within minutes, so I walk to the kitchen for some water that I
am not thirsty for.

The only time this experience was pleasant was when I fell asleep in the middle of the day
on a couch with three other people awake in the room. I woke up paralyzed, but not
scared. When I tried to jostle myself awake, I realized I could open my eyes, and upon
doing so, I found myself weightless, floating a few feet from my body! I can normally hear
everything in the room during SP, but this time, I looked around the room and could see
everything that was really happening,. I could see and hear the football game on the TV,
in sync with the announcer that I could clearly hear. I could see my step-sister typing on
the computer in the corner in sync with the clicking of the keyboard that I normally would
be able to hear. Within about 30 seconds, I was about ten feet from my body when I
regained movement, thereby putting me in corpus again. I immediately thought, "WOW,
I'll be dammed if that wasn't a out of body experience!!" This was about six or seven
years ago, and ever since I've really wanted it to happen again, but it hasn't.

In retrospect, knowing that there is no real danger, I always tell myself that the next time I
find myself awake and paralyzed I should immediately start meditating. "Just BE afraid" I
tell myself. "I am not going to be in any real physical danger, so just completely
experience that fear for all it's worth and see where it wants to take me." I want to just lay
there in meditation, let myself be paralyzed and afraid, but the fear is just too great. While
it is happening I can remember thinking about how I wanted to meditate during it, and
realizing that this is my chance, but I always immediately think "Screw that! I'm outta
here!!" because the fear is overwhelming and I "know" there is an evil being in the room
with me - a clear and present threat. I guess the big problem is knowing how to engage
in meditation in the face of a fear that takes priority. If anyone reading this has any
suggestions about how I can overcome this great fear, any questions or comments, please
post them here, and accept my thanks in advance.


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