I fail to see what this post has to do with zen.


You certainly have the right to your opinion about Catholics or particular
rites of the Catholic Church, but I'd think they'd be more appropriate for
this forum if they had something to do with zen, or at least with Buddhism.


An example would be you might state your opinion or ask questions about the
relationship between the Catholic's putting an ash mark on their forehead,
and zen monks shaving their head.  Or even better you might state your
opinion or ask questions about why anyone would feel they had to alter their
appearance to support or be in compliance with their religion's beliefs.


I look forward to your continued participation in this forum, but I hope
your future posts will at least have some bearing on zen.




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What a bunch of weirdos those loony Catholics are. Yesterday was Ass 
Wednesday when they all go to church to get a black mark on their 

The funny thing is that these Catlicks when they have their black 
mark then get a funny look on their faces. It is either sainthood, 
like they just got knighted for a seat in Heaven, or else it is surly 
and defensive because they feel persecuted because the mark 
identifies them as Catlicks. 

What a silly bunch. the scary part is that there seem to be a few of 
them around, but I recall back when hundreds would have the mark. Now 
it is just down to a few. The Christian religion is dying out, thanks 
to corruption, perversion, child-molesting, and false prophets and 
false leaders. 

Just today some famous minister who was caught paying for a male 
prostitute was soliciting donations again even though he is no longer 
preaching. These bastards cannot get a job and do honest work, they 
have to have money given to them so they can live off their flocks. 
What a bunch of low-life scum are leading the Christians. 


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