As always, each time, when we expressed an opinion, we could take usually just one position. This DL issue is much more complicated and no different than most of the world events. How can we express all the opinions from all different angles with language? I don't know the answer.

Here are some different angles...

The Tibetan religion is propagated on the reincarnation of the next leader.  When the monks rushed DL out, at such young age, was trying to protect the linage.  At that moment, their motives perhaps was quite simple.

Thanks to DL, the world now realized that there is such a place called Tibet and their Ripoche is all over the world teaching Tibetan-Buddhism.

How many of you understood what happened to Mongolia?  It used to be part of China.  Now it is not.

Why can't the Chinese government leave the Tibetans alone.  They lived for generations in Tibet without ever interfered in Chinese politics. 

Historically to most of the China men, Tibet and Mongolia are not the Han race.  Therefore usually the non-Han are regarded as non-Chinese, or shall I shall barbarians.  The Han's never really respected all the other races in China.  In the US, people are at least aware of the racial issues.  In China, the racial issue does  not exist, because that's the way it always is and always will be.  i.e. Servants are still being bought (like slaves) and send as gift s among the rich in China today.

China's democracy will be possible only after the traditional, deep rooted social classes are normalized.  This will take generations, because it was not being exposed or shall I educated to the general public.  Money is power is what the Chinese believed in for 5,000 years.  Not human value. Pity is  what most the Chinese practiced than compassion deep down inside.

Well?   :-)

Al wrote:

From: "Cynth" <Chinese Army would have him assassinated and they'd
> choose his replacement to control the people of Tibet.

They chose his replacement anyway. Lama is the leader of a government in
exile, which is a lot like being the gal standing outside your former
employment, picketing after you have been fired.

The bottom line is that if the Dalai Lama were to walk the walk, he would be
in Tibet. Whether he would be a martyr or not? Odds are that he would be
imprisoned. Nelson Mandela spent 24 years in prison for what he believed.
Jesus Christ gave up his life for what he believed. So did Ghandhi and a
whole laundry list of religious figures throughout history. The pages of
history are colored with the blood of martyrs.

Dolly Lama is certainly not one of them. He prefers paid speaking
engagements to martyrdom. Dolly sits in his mansion sipping mint julips
while anonymous monks get martyred on his behalf. A real hero.


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