Thanks for your thoughtful post.  You documented many things about DL I didn’t 
know – like his announcement that, as you wrote,  “…he would not be 

What do you think he meant by that?

Do you think he meant that he, as the personage of Dali Lama, would not be 

Do you think that he meant that he himself would not be reincarnated?  If he 
meant this it would seem to go against Buddhist teachings.  Zen might allow for 
that if DL was fully enlightened and as a result no longer subject to karma and 
the cycle of life and death.  I don’t know what the traditional Buddhist 
teaching is on that.

I’d be interested in your thoughts on this.

Oh yes, I almost forgot – are you married?  Do you think we could meet in a 
coffee shop somewhere to get to know each other better?  I’m a Capricorn.  
What’s your sign?



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What I have learned about Chan is to be synced with the life force and 
wisdom at all time and be detached from all forms. Or in our every day 
language, live with our best foot forward without expectation, agenda, 
objective, etc. Based on this perspective, though still partial once 
expressed in language .....

Dalai Lama was carried out to protect the linage. D.L was brought up to 
lead, guide, broadcast, teach whatever he was capable of, educated with, 
felt inside, or believed in strongly. 

Now that he is aging. His rinpoches are teaching world wide. He has 
met every leader in the world that he could. He has also now realized 
that his insistence that he will be reincarnated again will only divide 
his people more. And even perhaps cause more suffering. He realized 
also perhaps that his mission in this life is to bring Tibetanism to the 
rest of the world instead of just in Tibet. As you know, he announced 
that he will not be reincarnated again.

I have thumb through a book published in Taiwan, by someone who 
interviewed D.L extensively on this decision of his. It was complex, 
forward looking, as well as spiritual with some political points of view.

In all, what i have learned about D.L. was he did what he could at every 
moment. That is in line what I have learned.

I can not say that I am correct. I can only say, no one should make 
quick judgment on anyone else.

We are all here with a mission. Each of us is different.



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