Yeah.I noticed that both you and Dawn were not too receptive, but I couldn't
resist that little jab; and I've exchanged posts with JHJH enough to know he
wouldn't take it seriously.

I'm glad to see you participating on the forum.  I hope we can revive it
with some serious zen-oriented discussions - or even not so serious
zen-oriented discussions.  The key here is 'zen-oriented'. 


Where is Jarvis when we need him?




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Subject: Re: [Zen] D.L. Again


Damn! Hoisted by my own petard.

How daaaare you?!?

Seriously, though, I was trying to give him the brush-off and he would 
not stop bugging me. I did not want to play the "I'm a mom" card, but 
that was about all I was left to do.


Bill Smart wrote:
> --- In <>
> Cynth <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >
> > Ew...there's something unsavory about getting a pickup line from
> someone
> > in an email group, especially in the middle of a debate.
> >
> > Cynth
> >
> My point exactly! It's the old 'hold up a mirror to show you what you
> are doing' trick.
> My last paragraph in my most recent post was mocking the recent reparte
> between you and Al and Charlie and Dawn.
> ...Bill!


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