Perhaps it is time to outline how our practice is different, in case there
is anyone interested to learn.  I can answer private or public emails or
setup a Skype audio conference at a convenient time for all interested
parties together.

   - We have three levels of practices.  One follows the other and no
   short cut.

   1. Sitting Chan - Fundamental Chi cultivation to connect 10 chakras
   through 3 Chi channels (like acupuncture).
   2. Life Chan - Apply Chan concepts to everyday life. (Quite the same
   with Japanese zen)
   3. Heart Chan - witness the sutra and Tao-Te-Jing through spiritual

   - It is free.  Most of our teachers are volunteers.  That includes
   - If anyone benefited from our practice, can make a donation or teach
   others, or both.
   - Requires a dedicated daily practice of 20-30 minutes for 6-9 months
   to learn and witness at the beginning.
   - Chan is resulted by extracting the essence of Buddhism and Taoism in
   both practice and concept.  Our Sitting Chan practice follows very closely
   to the Taoist Acupuncture practice.  It is a lot of hard work.
   - In 2-3 months, insomnia, midnight urination, allergy could be
   reduced.  6-9 months, high-blood pressure, gout, and other immune system
   related discomfort can be reduced.
   - It takes about 1 years to learn Sitting Chan. 3-4 years to master
   Sitting Chan, connect with Life Chan, and start to experience Heart Chan.
   These are average time.  It varies from people to people.
   - Chan is to let our body, mind and spirit be completely synced with
   the universal life force and wisdom.  In Chinese, the word Chi or Qi means
   life force, or air, or energy.  Sync our internal Chi with that of the
   universal Chi. Without Chi, ask any China man, we die, flowers die, animals
   die, the world dies.
   - In 3-6 months, all practitioner shall witness something by oneself.

I apologize for this unorganized list.  I am trying to talk to both types of
readers - one who practices Zen  and one who reads Zen concepts.

Let me know if you have any questions.  Thank you for your patience.

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