Well put, SimiNotes, since words do not count, neither are the 
following......  I love it...

Our school teaches everyone to cultivate the chi and the chakras.  In 
Chinese, there is no word for "mind".  We have either heart or brain.  
So, it is easy for us to say, let go of the brain and let the heart lead 
the way.  That's all. There is no guide book and no sutra.

After years of staying in chi and fine-tunes it, practitioners each 
witnesses different effects.  Then we utilized Buddhist or Taoist terms 
to explain it.  In other words, experience first, descriptions later.  
This is the key difference.  All experience from within are discussed 
with more qualified teachers.  There is no rejection of any sort.

There are many different types of experience.  (Now we are getting into 
the dangerous world of labels.)  Some may be labeled as physical or 
health-related, some are mental related, some are supernatural, some are 
spiritual.  In our school, we don't differentiate, or label, or reject 
them, because almost all experiences have been experienced by someone in 
our school.

As far, I am concern, please keep an open mind.....   For the last 9 
years, I learn something new about myself almost every quarter.  Some 
related to my body, some related to my brain, and some related to my 
spirit.  I am 62, without any health issues, such as high-blood 
pressure, high sugar, etc.  I am sort of in perfect health without 
taking any medication or vitamins. Staying in the breath(or chi) 24/7, 
enables me to stay awake.  Sometimes I still get excited, carried away, 
lost myself.  Most of the time, I can live in the zone and accepting 
almost everything that's happening without having any preference.  
Sometimes, I can sense the discomfort of others, even in remote 
location.  Sometimes, I can heal without realizing what I have done.  
Sometimes, I know what will happen next. 

What I have experienced about this journey is, I can gradually 
synchronize with the universal life force.   And I become healthier, 
wiser, happier and with abilities to help others.  And the best part is, 
I witness that this connection is getting tighter and tighter.  Perhaps 
someday I will be able to live within my Original Self permanently.  
Yet, my teacher told me, "permanently" is an illusion.  We can drop out.

We don't use words such as Satori, or enlightenment.  They are not 
important to us.  We stick firmed to the original practice of Chan.  
That is truly without words or formalities.  Nothing but a chi based 

I hope that I have answered your question.    And I thank you for the 
opportunity for me to share.

Indeed, words don't count......

siminotes wrote:
> hi Zen Forum....
> Zen, a frustrating way of seeing sometimes, I used to think.
> I would ask a question and would get a question back.
> Burn burn burn....read read read.
> sit sit sit...then what....
> But today I appreciate the wisdom of the Masters.
> Attempting to break our habits and see things from a different way,
> with the heart and mind.
> So what is Satori?
> My words don't matter....
> What is your experience that matters.
> So JM, what is your experience.
> And who experiences it...
> thank you
> Palms together, Siminotes


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