Well, I see nothing wrong with directing one's life in the plane of illusion, after all that is precisely what doing zazen and all the other techniques of the path are. So to engineer one's worldly life to a supportive minimum seems ideal to me.

I would agree with you though that my worldly life has been one series of coincidences after another. But it has had the general direction of becoming automatically self supporting with little work so I am free to devote most of my time to more undisturbed consciousness.


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I've engineering nothing. Engineering implies a goal.

My life has taken many unexpected and certainly unplanned twists and turns.
I have merely adapted. My life has evolved.


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Hi Margie,

I think Bill has lived very wisely. He's carefully engineered his life so the worldly part now takes care of itself pretty much automatically and he
can now concentrate on the spiritual side. He seems to have a nice
supportive traditional wife and family in a beautiful natural location with financial security for the future. An excellent example for us all. So often the daily struggle for survival takes all our time and we have little left
for Zen.


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