I hope you run this zen group well. It is getting popular. Sometimes a little 
venomous remarks help, sometimes we need less of it.
As regards my technique, there are of course a lot of defects. That is why I am 
thinking about joining a Tantric group with some sex rituals, or a cult leader 
who claims to be enlightened on earth. What do you think?
Anal-retentive folk

--- On Mon, 19/1/09, fitness4u2163 <> wrote:

From: fitness4u2163 <>
Subject: Re: [Zen] ROLL CALL
Date: Monday, 19 January, 2009, 1:47 PM

Anthony Wu > A search only gave me 446 members in our group. Where are 
those 25,000?

I am the moderator of 50 groups. I was invited by Yahoo to a group 
called Powerusers which Yahoo runs. It is for people that moderate 
groups totalling 25K or more. It is not like Yahoo sent me a gift 
certificate. They just send "powerusers" emails with suggestions about 
running the groups. 

I am very surprised at how anal-retentive you folks are. You really 
need to sit your ass on the pillow and clench tighter, as there is 
obviously a defect in your technique. 


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