Like I said in a previous post, I think zen practice can help ameliorate the
effects of OCD, but not cure it.  From what I understand OCD is the result
of some kind of physical abnormalities - like a chemical imbalance in the
brain or a 'wiring' difference.  Whatever it is, OCD is your reality - like
diabetes or lactose intolerance.  It's up to you to make the most of your
life, not just IN SPITE of OCD, but in part BECAUSE of OCD.  It's a feature
you have.  Embrace it and learn to enjoy life with it.


As far as it being 'all in your head', OCD is not all in your head, but how
you deal with it is.  You could liken it to being deaf or having only one
leg.  You can pity yourself for the 'disability', or you can accept it,
embrace it, deal with it and get on with the only life you have - this one.




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IT does put things into perspective. I'm liking this place more than the
other forum I was on. :)

What frsutrated me about it was that some people felt that what they were
quoting was so profound that they didn't need to even respond to me. Stuff
like "fear of death is fear of life" didn't really do much for me. Your
stories, however, do give me a unique perspective.

Also, I appreciate that people here, while not neccesarily understanding
OCD, are at least ready to believe it's a real disorder and not just "all in
mmy head."

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