It appears to me that .Bill! has furnished the 'correct' perspective of
zen/dharma toward suffering.


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> DP,
> Like I said in a previous post, I think zen practice can help
ameliorate the
> effects of OCD, but not cure it. From what I understand OCD is the
> of some kind of physical abnormalities - like a chemical imbalance in
> brain or a 'wiring' difference. Whatever it is, OCD is your reality -
> diabetes or lactose intolerance. It's up to you to make the most of
> life, not just IN SPITE of OCD, but in part BECAUSE of OCD. It's a
> you have. Embrace it and learn to enjoy life with it.
> As far as it being 'all in your head', OCD is not all in your head,
but how
> you deal with it is. You could liken it to being deaf or having only
> leg. You can pity yourself for the 'disability', or you can accept it,
> embrace it, deal with it and get on with the only life you have - this
> .Bill!

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