I've read your posts and the replies you've gotten with interest. I don't have 
much information, zen wise, to offer with regards death and the fear of it, 
although I do *get* where you're coming from. Some of the others will 
hopefully post on this subject perhaps. What I have found extremely useful is 
the site www.dharmaseed.org. I try to listen to at least one talk a day. In 
terms of repetitive, troublesome thoughts, there are some fairly good talks 
given by a teacher called Gloria Ambrosia. I've only been using the site for a 
month or so, so I'm sure there's a wealth of other stuff on there that could be 
checked out, and might be of some use.
Take care, 

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ARe there any good meditations I can do which helps me deal with my fear of 
death? I just finished Thich Nhat Hanh's No Death No Fear, and I liked it, but 
I feel such a hard time getting around the idea of continuance - it's too much 
for my materialist mind. So maybe I need a different tack...

How do I confront the reality of death with the aim towards lessening my fear 
of this?


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