I think Kristy's idea is worth trying. DP, try helping others. That will 
hopefully solve your problems.

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*bows* to you DP...
I've often read and heard that the reality of death is an important part of zen 
practice and training. Personally, I have never devoted any time to it. I will 
explain why.  WhenI I was 25, I had a life-altering car accident.  So serious 
that I was technically "dead" for moments while my  heart and kidneys stopped  
functioning.  I spent a month in a coma, and six months in the hospital.  No-- 
I didn't experience any of those "near-death" visions. I wasn't at all 
religious then --or now. It was long before I  found Zen.
But if I HAD died, I wouldn't have known the difference.  If there is some kind 
of transcent existence after death, I suppose I'll find out. If not, I won't 
experience anything at all, including pain, fear or loss. I suggest you look 
within  about why you fear death.  Do you have unfinished business here.  
Finish  them.  Do you feel guilty  due to  some  behavior or action you have 
done?  Fix it and work on forgiveness.  Do you believe in a hell  where you 
fear you are headed for  eternity? If so, seek  guidance from those who share 
your belief. Is your ego so big that you feel entitled to be immortal? 
Truthfully, what is there  really to fear? 
I guess I just can't wrap my head around such a fear.  If someone runs me over 
at a crosswalk today..(which is possible  due to these crazy, texting, 
cell-phone-talking, putting  on lipstick on with one hand while driving with 
their knee), I guess I will die. Other than the fact of dealing with 
resolving   my financial and living issues by family and friends as they 
grieve  my loss-- in the end..life goes on.
Perhaps your problem with being stuck on this issue is due to your focus on it. 
Get involved in someon else's life, and the fear and focus will gradually cease.
Be well. :)  Kristy

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I've read your posts and the replies you've gotten with interest. I don't have 
much information, zen wise, to offer with regards death and the fear of it, 
although I do *get* where you're coming from. Some of the others will 
hopefully post on this subject perhaps. What I have found extremely useful is 
the site www.dharmaseed.org. I try to listen to at least one talk a day. In 
terms of repetitive, troublesome thoughts, there are some fairly good talks 
given by a teacher called Gloria Ambrosia. I've only been using the site for a 
month or so, so I'm sure there's a wealth of other stuff on there that could be 
checked out, and might be of some use.
Take care, 

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ARe there any good meditations I can do which helps me deal with my fear of 
death? I just finished Thich Nhat Hanh's No Death No Fear, and I liked it, but 
I feel such a hard time getting around the idea of continuance - it's too much 
for my materialist mind. So maybe I need a different tack...

How do I confront the reality of death with the aim towards lessening my fear 
of this?

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