Just a second thought, if you take a look at the function of the Esoteric and 
Exoteric within Religions and Traditions you will see who is doing the talking. 
 For the most part it is the function of a Tradition, let's say Native 
American, to protect itself from outside syncretic influences.  On the other 
hand within the inner work, the inner temple, the function of the Esoteric is 
part of the 'transcendent unity of religions'.  So, I think it is natural to 
protect beliefs, ways, dogma, law, history, and also natural to express a 

That is why for most Religion only leads to the Exoteric, not the Esoteric . . 
. the occult, hidden, inner, etc . . . 

Most of the conversation on these posting boards,.yahoo groups take place in 
the realm of the Exoteric, most of the finger wagging about what Zen is or is 
not is under the heading of Exoteric.  Once you realize the function, you 
soften, move inner, let the protectors circle the wagons . . . 

K among the wagon trainees 

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A few days ago someone (I think it was Artie) commented that they knew three
Native American friends who felt that when non-Native Americans tried to
practice NA ways it took away from their culture.

I have been thinking about this for a few days now and I think your Native
American friends are not seeing the situation clearly. When people share an
idea they are not taking away they are expanding. It is like lighting a
candle from another candle you are not putting out the light of the first
candle you are making it brighter.

What if Buddhism had never left India? What if Christianity, Judaism and
Islam had never left the Middle East? As ideas are shared from one person
to another they get stronger not weaker. You are adding to, not

Just an idea,


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