Hi DP - the site was dharmaseed.org. I think Ed re-posted it. There are lots of 
talks on there. Some of the teachers appeal, some don't appeal so much. I 
listened to a retreat day given by a monk called Ajahn Amaro at Spirit Rock, 
some time in July. During his talk, he gave some insight into his own personal 
struggles with fear (I know you have spoken of having some fears yourself). It 
was very interesting to hear him discuss his issues. Another interesting 
teacher is Gloria Ambrosia. She talks a lot about thoughts. 
I know someone posted to you that it's better to be a part of a real live 
group, and I agree with that. But for someone like me, who is geographically 
isolated and has no access to a group or a teacher,and no real hope of 
access, talks such as these have been invaluable. I thank Spirit Rock (who have 
been in for some criticism recently on this forum) and all the 
other institutions who have managed to get these talks out for the benefit of 
Hope you find something that interests you.

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Somebody posted a link with some interesting Buddhist (non-denominational) 
stuff, including some Dharma talks. Does anybody remember what it was?


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