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What is Chan, Zen, zen, Chan Buddhism, etc.? These are just labels created by human for human communication.

The statements most of us agree to are "Chan Is ONE" and "Chan is direct experience of ALL". If so,,

Then Chan is an internal experience of EVERYTHING that is going on, visible and invisible, form and formless.

If there is ANYTHING we refuse to experience, then is it caused by our discriminating mind? Are we still ONE? Have we separated ourselves from the ONE and therefore the ALL?

If Chan is experience, then is this an internal experience. If so, is this experience mental, physical or spiritual?

Whatever your answer is, it is yours. In Chan, there is no single answer, because it is ALL - mental, physical and spiritual.

If you have experienced an integration to some thing at some moment without labeling, please try to experience everything at every moment without labeling, judging, discriminating. In other words...

Be one with the ONE, completely, totally, whole-heartedly with complete surrendering.

In Chan, this is labeled as "detach from the form of Chan".

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Somebody posted a link with some interesting Buddhist (non-denominational) stuff, including some Dharma talks. Does anybody remember what it was?

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