Hello DP, ED  and all:
There is this video that can lead to the website of this buddhist group from 
Australia who sound pretty good to me as the classes are very easy going with a 
realistic western way of communication.  And this Teacher is also very funny 
which it makes the dharma much more pleasant and effective.


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it was a general resources site for BUddhism that included Dharma talks.

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> DP, Not sure whether below is what you are looking for....
> Good morning to All,
> What is Chan, Zen, zen, Chan Buddhism, etc.? These are just labels 
> created by human for human communication.
> The statements most of us agree to are "Chan Is ONE" and "Chan is direct 
> experience of ALL". If so,,
> Then Chan is an internal experience of EVERYTHING that is going on, 
> visible and invisible, form and formless.
> If there is ANYTHING we refuse to experience, then is it caused by our 
> discriminating mind? Are we still ONE? Have we separated ourselves from 
> the ONE and therefore the ALL?
> If Chan is experience, then is this an internal experience. If so, is 
> this experience mental, physical or spiritual?
> Whatever your answer is, it is yours. In Chan, there is no single 
> answer, because it is ALL - mental, physical and spiritual.
> If you have experienced an integration to some thing at some moment 
> without labeling, please try to experience everything at every moment 
> without labeling, judging, discriminating. In other words...
> Be one with the ONE, completely, totally, whole-heartedly with complete 
> surrendering.
> In Chan, this is labeled as "detach from the form of Chan".
> Thank you for your time,
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> >
> > Somebody posted a link with some interesting Buddhist 
> > (non-denominational) stuff, including some Dharma talks. Does anybody 
> > remember what it was?
> >
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