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> Ed,

> Anything and everything COULD be regarded as relevant to zen practice.
That determination is up to you.

Bill, one has to be an advanced practitioner of zen to experience this

> Do you think this posting is relevant to your zen practice, ...

A few week ago I spent beaucoup dollars on a zafu and a zabuton from the
Zen Mountain Monastery store, visited the nearest Zen center a couple of
times, but I still have not restarted by practice.

>  ... or would be relevant or helpful to someone else's zen
practice?  If so how?

Yes and no. Why yes?  Reflecting on the articles I post *may* sow seeds
that could help one develop 'right understanding' and 'right views'
(IMO) thereby reducing confusion which would in turn enhance the quality
of practice. Nevertheless I plan to severely curtail initiating threads
with articles by others.

> I'm much more interested in what YOU have to say about things then
what URI AVNERY has to say.

> Â…Bill!

Who am I that you or anyone else should want to hear what I have to say?
After all, on the Internet, over a decade and half and after tens of
thousands of posts, nobody has ever said to me that they learned
anything from any of my perspectives.


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