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> Ed,
> I haven't kept up with the Zen Forum for several months. It seems I
come back to where I left off, always agreeing with Master Bill.


Agreeing with Master Bill on what?

> In recalling past posts I always seemed to disagree with your point of
view on zen.

Which point of view of mine on zen?

> I do recall some agreement. I know I always admired your perspective
on reality and illusion.

Which perpective on reality and illusion?

> I seldom read the articles you've posted, but was always interested in
what YOU had to say about them.

There is very little to say about anything once one apprehends human
nature, the fixations of various societies, and how the world works. It
took me four decades in elapsed time, with involvement with Theravadin
Buddhism, Zen, Mahayana and Vajrayana Tibetan Buddhism, Western
psychotherapy, Evolutionary Psychology, interactions on Internet groups
and the aging process to learn the obvious: Life is not at all

> I have DEFINITELY learned from your perspective and I am sorry that I
have never told you so. Thanks for your post.   Chris D.

> Chris, happy to hear that.  --ED

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