Just because you're paranoid it doesn't mean they're not out to get you, huh. 
Let me spell it out for you one more time. To paraphrase Kristy -  she said 
atheists are ignorant of faith and so don't understand the religious 
perspective. I pointed out that 1) lots of atheists were once upon a time 
believers who have now 'seen the light' and so do have such experience but 
rejected it. 2) I may be ignorant of the beliefs of other groups but still can 
deduce that they are harmful. NOT that religious folks are the same as 
but the harm that can be DONE is the same. Clear?


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My god, that is disingenuous...

Kristy specifically said that the people who are arguing probably don't have an 
experience of faith and that this means I can't explain it to them.

You essentially said "I don't have to be a Neo-Nazi to understand that it's 

It doesn't take a paranoid person to see a comparison being made. 
You are using your own personal definition of religion to attack. This is not 
experience of religion, and it never will be.

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> DP,
> I wrote: "Moreover, I am ignorant of what it is to be a neo-nazis, but have 
> no 

> trouble rejecting their beliefs as not just harmful, but wrong."
> You wrote: "You were essentially implying that religious belief was no 
> from being a "neo-nazi." I'm sorry, but I do find that offensive."
> That wasn't my intention in the above sentence. I could just as easily have 
> I am ignorant of being a racist/Republican/terrorist/bigot/child-molester etc 
> make the point. If you see the connection with those and religion, well...
> Mike  


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