Thanks for the Louis Armstrong link.  
Only for Academic purposes I'd like to tell you that the Spanish spoken in 
South America is called Spanish and the Spanish spoken in Spain is called 
Castellano. It's called Castellano because of the area it originated in Spain. 
Not all Spanish people from Spain knows this unless they have studied the 
origin of the different languages and dialects developed in the Iberic 
peninsula. The castellano brought to South America is called Spanish as a 
meaning that it comes from Spain. Alone the centuries the language evolved 
giving different words, expressions and even ways of doing that comes within a 
language in the different cultural Countries Spanish is spoken. Recently I've 
hear that has been created a complete new dictionary that includes South 
America and Peninsula Iberica new adding words and expressions. South America 
has its own great linguistics, poets, brilliant writers of all kinds in the 
same way Spain has its own. If you've been told that the
 Spanish you'll be learning is from the Royal Spanish Academy of the Lengua 
(Real Academia De La Lengua Espanola), then it would a very good Spanish.  My 
keyboard is British and doesn't have the accents and the "n" with the little 
line above.  I'm saying this for all the errors you may find in the Spanish 
written from here.  For instance: "Espanola" is with the n that has that curved 
line over its top.  And the pronunciation is different than the one who hasn't 
I haven't read the Austin book you mention. Perhaps Mike, Anthony, Edgar, Ed, 
have. They're the ones who are interested in the sciences subject to do with 
the brain. I'm not at present. The practise is already pretty tough for me to 
add more complications to it. The greater is simplicity the less I fatigue with 
it. Of course this doesn't mean that there is no a valuation for science. But 
that valuation is away from zen context. Zen can help to enhance our all 
senses, observation, concentration....and all that can be brought to enhance 
the performance of a scientific. But not on the other way round. Zen doesn't 
need from science but science may need from zen. 
Expectations is something we all have. Don't tell me about it!.
And this for your kid and you:
Thanks you for writing

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The great master Louis Armstrong.'s%20Call%20The%20Whole%20Thing%20Off%20Lyrics.html

It is an example of some arbitrary difference in culture that divides people. 

That does remind me I didn't answer the question you posed about which Spanish 
my son and family are learning. I am not that sure, the teachers are from Latin 
America but they said they are teaching academic Spanish. Most of the native 
speaking kids in the class are from Mexico. The z is pronounced like s in San 
José. Having trouble with ch ll and r's 

Also, apropos to this thread, one of the  expectations I had of zen forum was 
that some one else would have spent he time to read and be open to discussing 
Austin's book Zen and the Brain. That expectation alas seems to be a source of 
suffering for me, since despite the tag line of these emails people seem to 
prefer describing or judging or excerpting books they haven't read, dammit. 

Chris Austin-Lane
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What does " Po-TAY-to, Po-TAH-to" mean?.  


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Po-TAY-to, Po-TAH-to…Bill!

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"Different strokes for different people".
It's 'Different strokes for different folks'. The 'strokes' rhymes with 'folks' 
: )

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