I'n familiar with that colloquialism as it's used a lot of here. The greatest 
difficulties are all those American expressions and slang.     Thank you all 
the same. 

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That's fine. 

I, having spent a good amount of time in book groups, find that 'give and take' 
over a book that multiple people have read, never fails to bring me some 
understanding of perspectives I would not have arrived at in seclusion.  Not 
every one's cup of tea, I'm sure.  (Another colloquialism, Makya, meaning not 
preferred by everyone.  "I'm sorry, but biking in the rain is just not my cup 
of tea.").  

De gustibus non disputandum,


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I'm not intereted in a 'give and take'.  I am intereted in expressing my 
viewpoint if and when I please. I am interested in hearing others' viewpoints 
if and when they express them, and I may or may not repond to them.

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