I am glad you have a chance of visiting the land of the rising sun (and yen). I 
don't know if you have been there before. One of the characteristics of 
Japanese people is their ability to absorb foreign culture, both in a right and 
wrong way. During the World Wars, they used brutality they learned from Western 
competition to commit all kinds of atrocities. On the other hand, they maintain 
politeness they learned from Chinese Confucianism to the extreme, while in 
China itself you see little sign of that nowadays. I believe the couple of 
weeks when you are there will be a fantastic experience.


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Your statement below reveals your wisdom.;)  You asked me in another post where 
I am headed in Asia?  We are going to Japan.  Its primarily  business, and as 
I  mentioned last fall, I'd love to go there in the spring-time!  
I tacked that reply onto this one, as I was  thinking about Dave's 
question. Personally, I think it can be helpful.  I started a similar practice  
just a couple of years after my accident, (in conjunction with a yoga 
practice).  Certainly worth a try.
Part of what I will be doing in Japan is to follow-up with  cancer patients who 
are involved in a clinical trial on pain management.  My role there will be to 
provide mindful awareness  techniques that patients can use to reduce their 
discomfort resulting from  chemo,   and the disease process itself.  Well-- to 
be clearer-- they are enrolled in a program wherein they receive a drug therapy 
to mediate pain.  Mindful /contemplative practice is being used 
to determine if-- and to what degree, the strength and frequency of the drug 
can be reduced, thereby minimizing other side effects of their respective 
cancer treatment.  Clearly, they have fears, so its certainly possible that 
'fear" management is part of that as well.
Well-- I am off  for a couple of weeks, but best wishes to Dave and all.  I do 
hope to visit at least one zen event, and see some temples.

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Fear of dementia, fear of death, fear of fear... are indications of your strong 
ego. Anything that reduces the ego is helpful.

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Subject: [Zen] Re: Mindfulness pt 2
Date: Thursday, 6 January, 2011, 4:16 AM


To be honest, not particularly :)

I do have another question, though. For me, mindfulness is associated with 
intellect. I was wondering if it is possible to practise mindfulness even with 
cognitive impairment? My main OCD symptom is fear of dementia, and dealing with 
this particular fear in a mindful way might be beneficial.

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> advice?
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> > This
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