That is ABC. What is real does not stay put. It changes from moment to moment. 
Seeds grow to trees. Babies grow to old men and eventually zombies.

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From: Mel <>
Subject: Re: [Zen] zen, reality, etc(to Anthony/list)
Date: Saturday, 8 January, 2011, 7:36 PM


--- On Sat, 8/1/11, Anthony Wu <> wrote:

MEL: I'll throw the question back at you and others....what is real exactly 
when all change moment by moment? 
Anthony: I am carrying a shield that makes the question bounce back to you 

MEL: How can you hold onto what's real when each moment goes by? With each 
moment passing by comes age. The snake that had shed it's skin is not the same 
snake that was before, nor the pyramids and Sphinx of Giza the same as they 
were those many centuries ago


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